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The Cloud Hosting service is based on top-level virtualization systems and is designed for websites and Internet services requiring resource elasticity and high performance.
The features and performance of our hosting services are flexible and will be able to adapt to your particular needs and the traffic generated by your business.
The solutions we offer are ideal for professional websites and web projects with interactive and dynamic content: with dedicated set-ups for specific CMS and supported by a best-in-class infrastructure, our Cloud Hosting is able to ensure high performance level thanks to SSD-NVME storage even for projects that require a lot of resources.
All solutions are highly scalable and allow you to support the growth of your business step by step, guaranteeing an optimal level of reliability and providing customizable SLAs based on performance.

The Cloud Hosting allows you to:

  • support unlimited traffic
  • ensure high performance
  • manage high resources
  • ensure high scalability
  • operate via cPanel on Linux or Plesk on Windows

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