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Our Solution

The Cloud Server is the virtualization solution with the best price/performance ratio. You will have preconfigured virtual spaces with the operating system of your choice (Windows or Linux), a private network between several VMs and log-in for direct access to the machine.
The virtual server is sized according to your specific business needs and activated within our cloud infrastructure: this guarantees you expandable bandwidth, SSD storage and dedicated resources to cover any need, and optional High Availability (HA) virtualization.
The Cloud Server is characterised by its very high degree of elasticity and simplicity both in terms of set-up and user-friendly use: the cloud environment will be delivered to you with the specific resources agreed (RAM, CPU, storage, ...), pre-configured and ready to use!

The Cloud Server allows you to:

  • obtain a cloud environment with pre-configured set-up
  • access the VM directly
  • operate easily in a user-friendly environment
  • support unlimited traffic

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