Version your code: decrease development time and costs

GitLab allows multiple developers to work in parallel on a single project, uploading their versioned code without generating, or easily managing, conflicts. This allows significant time-savings and concurrent management of multiple tasks on the same project.

Security and Reliability

Branch and versioning

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Our Solution

From idea to production, GitLab helps your team dramatically improve production time by allowing multiple developers to work in the repository in parallel on different tasks, increasing productivity and thereby reducing the cost of the development process.
Beginning with planning, you can manage your project in an agile and flexible way through milestones and tasks, helping teams organize, plan and monitor work, up to and including cloning an entire project.
GitLab helps teams securely develop and manage project code through versionable repositories and branches.
Not only is development supported and expedited, but also release: manual processes are streamlined, and thanks to zero-touch Continuous Delivery, management of development and production environments is automated and secure.

With the support of GitLab, your development team will be able to:

  • work in parallel on different tasks of the same project without generating conflicts
  • optimize the development and delivery time of a project
  • manage and schedule all development tasks with and transparency
  • share code online with developers
  • protect code from unintentional errors and attacks

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