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Advanced monitoring solutions to secure applications, websites and entire infrastructures.

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Thanks to Monitoring Solutions, we can guarantee complete control of your company's information system: Our services include

  • website performance detection
  • user engagement analysis
  • 24-hour preventive and constant monitoring of entire IT infrastructures
  • synchronous monitoring of web applications

Our solutions are designed to help you prevent problems and malfunctions that could cripple a service or compromise an entire infrastructure, thus reducing costs, downtime and emergency interventions.
But that's not all: you can also optimize performance and improve user engagement.
Our services are offered through high-end technological solutions and according to SLA levels that can be customised according to your actual needs, with no limit to the type, quantity and size of areas to be monitored.

Monitoring services allow you to:

  • monitor websites and web applications, IT infrastructures
  • analyse user engagement
  • measure performance
  • prevent any problems
  • reduce costs and emergency interventions

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