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The objective of our Disaster Recovery solutions is to efficiently respond to any emergency situation: it keeps you safe from blackouts, cyber-attacks and downtime through to natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires, guaranteeing the maximum protection at the lowest cost and drastically reducing the negative impact on company productivity.
The Disaster Recovery service is based on a process of cloud replication of your infrastructure, which can ensure rapid system recovery and effectively protecting sensitive data and information.
The solutions are highly customizable and, thanks to a dedicated consultancy approach, we are able to provide you with the service that best suits your needs.

The Disaster Recovery allows you to:

  • drastically reduce recovery times
  • achieve lower RTO & RPO
  • limit losses
  • minimise interruption of Critical Processes
  • preserve Business Operations
  • avoid compromising corporate reputation and soundness
  • define simplified processes of action to deal with an unforeseen situation
  • provide for a controlled return to operation

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