Cloud Enthusiast People

Relying on Cloudable means being able to count on professionals with decades of experience in Cloud services and disaster recovery solutions.

The client at the centre

We value your specificities, because they are your strength on the market. We do not like or use preconceived solutions. Right from the analysis and budgeting stages, our approach is highly consultative.

Flexibility and precision

The processes we use are characterised by maximum flexibility in order to be able to handle emergencies and market demands on short notice, and are at the same time precise and analytical in order to favour perfect understanding of problems and ensure control over systems.

Single point of contact

We provide you with a single point of contact who can interact with your staff and gain a perfect understanding of your software, procedures and business needs.

Equipment availability

Connectivity, servers, backups, switches, everything is redundant with simple and effective recovery plans to ensure service continuity. Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) reaches 99.9% on an annual basis.

Support and Security

We place great importance on evolutionary maintenance, offering you continuous support with in-depth analysis and testing to get the best performance from your applications.

Our numbers:

  • Over ten years of experience in the sector
  • SLA guaranteed up to 99.9%.
  • CED with hundreds of servers currently in service
  • Thousands of hosted sites
  • h24x7 Service

Even the Cloud can protect the environment.

At a time when digitalization and Cloud services are steadily growing, the demand for energy resources to support such infrastructures is increasing. However, the traditional supply of energy through non-renewable sources has a significant impact on the environment.

A green digital

A green cloud Data Center, which is based on renewable energy sources, is able to considerably reduce the environmental impact of its operations, thus contributing to the transition to a more sustainable future.

We use renewable energy

Our German Data Centers are powered by hydroelectric energy, 100% free of carbon dioxide and environmentally friendly.
In the Finland Data Center, on the other hand, both wind and hydroelectric energy are used for all energy uses.

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